Trainer Information

Emma Tabei

The lead trainer and founder of Professional K9s is Emma Tabei. Her company was founded upon the purpose of directly teaching others how to communicate with their dogs through private training. Through this private training she has learned to teach a diverse clientele basis. Under her guidance, aspergers and autism clients have taken place in a large part of training for their own service dogs.  

Her expertise includes training dogs for 

  • Obedience
  • Service Dog
  • Aggression Rehabilitation
  • Personal Protection
  • IGP/IPO/Schutzhund
  • Detection 
  • Law Enforcement

The Power of Choice

Customized Training

It is important to Emma that a way to perform an exercise is a good fit for her client, rather than, “how things are always done.” She prides herself in creating a truly customized, productive, and professional environment for her client. Clients will not only attain skill, but also grow personally.