A test of obedience, tracking, and protection.

IGP, IPO, Schutzhund

Earn titles and compete in one of the most elite dog sports there is today.

Black German shepherd dog bites sleeve bitesuit on decoy personal protection dog
Personal & Home Security

Personal Protection

Learn more why Dallas trusts PK9 and is the leading choice for protection.

Service dog guiding girl in a busy street
Psychiatric, alert, medical, mobility, and otherwise.

Service Dog

PK9 offers personal, private service dog training where you are involved. Producing dogs at a fraction of the cost compared to mass producing agencies. 

Black German shepherd dog focuses during obedience training in Dallas
Many methods.

Elite Obedience

From puppies to competition level obedience, we offer it all. Off leash, service dog, personal protection, competition-it does not matter what your goal is, we’ve got the obedience covered. 

Female k9 handler teaches prong collar for loose leash walking in dallas
Teaching focus & precision.

Prong Collar Training

Revolutionizing both dog walking and prong training, we teach a method like no other. Prong is used for loose leash walking & communication.

Man uses sport dog e-collar to train Czech German shepherd dog at professional K9s in McKinney
Lightning fast results.

E-collar Training

PK9 uses e-collar that produces Stim, not shock. Stim is a type of electrical current that causes the muscle to flex, like a TENS unit. E-collar teaches a dog timing. 

Fully equipped.

Narcotics Detection

Fully equipped pipe system. 

From puppy to competition.


For hobby, sport, or functional use.

Peace of mind.

Aggression Rehabilitation

Rehabilitated many dogs and counting, no situation is too severe.

Puppy to bird dog.

Bird Dog & Retrievers

850 acre practice retreat available. 

Yes, we service your area.

Long Distance Clients

Traveling 150+ mile commutes.

Bringing peace to your home.

In Home Training

Fixing issues in home & teaching home manners.

Hobby & otherwise.

Scent Training

Scent Training is the fastest way to tire a dog. Providing great mental stimulation, we offer this service for hobby and other uses.

Customized group class.

Private & Group Seminars

We offer private & group seminars that are customizable.

Excellent recalls.

Off Leash Training

Off leash training up to 4 1/2 miles.