What You Will Receive

Confidentiality Professional K9s frequently works with clients with location based or personal goals. This is why we recognize that keeping intellectual property confidential is important. Emails, texts, calls, session interactions, location, family and personal information will always be confidential when training at Professional K9s.

Security Peace of mind is priceless. We invite you to learn more about why you should trust PK9 with your property, personal, and family's safety 

Convenience The best type of dog training is the training that gets done. We understand busy schedules, that's why offering in-home training is important to us. Traveling to clients takes one more step out of the equation as training is easily available in your home or at a location near you. PK9 is proud to serve Dallas, McKinney, Frisco, and all surrounding areas.

Education Learn real techniques. At PK9 training methods are supplied directly to you-there is no smoke behind the curtain. Unlimited questions answered over any type of training during session time-we don't hold any information back.

Personalization Custom goals without a leveling approach. Every session is in your control; learn whatever techniques you please. We do not require a "leveling system," commonly where you must purchase a number of sessions to "level up," to finally learn what you really want.

Dog Training in Dallas

PK9 is proud to offer a variety of training including elite obedience, protection, sport (IPO/schutzhund), service dog training and aggression rehabilitation. Click below to find out what type of training is right for you.

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Why Us?

Because no one else does what we do. We are the only source in Texas that offers personal protection consulting. We teach methods directly to clients, offering an extensive collection of fields of training. We are fully equipped, offering state of the art equipment in bite work, IGP, and more. Our IGP and sport club is thriving. We offer indoor and outdoor facilities as well as traveling to clients. We don’t mass produce dogs, all training is customized and there is no smoke behind the curtain; clients are directly involved in training their dogs. Rates are competitive and with many discounts available,  pricing is customizable.